Thursday, November 14, 2013

The Mummy & The Minister's Wife

This week on my Mummy's Undeserved Blessings Facebook Page, I asked what it was people wanted to read about on my blog. The answer really didn't surprise me because it is the theme of my blog. A couple of people wanted to know more about my life as the wife of a minister.  I haven't been sharing all that much about that area of my life, mainly because I really want to take the time to write well about it. I have also been a little hesitant because I have a responsibility to those in my church to keep anything that relates to them private. However there is lots and lots I can share on the topic that is just about me and my family.

The recent question about my life was how do I balance it all. The honest truth is... I don't. We have a very busy life and it bounces between crazy busy and normal busy. Our weeks generally involve my hubby being out (for meetings/Bible studies) a few times a week, then me being out a couple of nights a week, with a couple of nights left to spend with each other. Sundays as you can imagine are often busy from 8am - 11pm with a few breaks in between. We survive the week by having my hubby's day off on Monday as a family day. Mondays are great as hardly anyone is around so we just spend time together (although we are happy to catch up with friends/church family socially sometimes. We don't have a strict rule about family only time).

My role at the church isn't huge mainly because we have a very capable and motivated church family who take on lots of the responsibilities. I co-lead the kid's program, help out with the creche (under 3's) and sometimes bring morning tea. I also co-lead a Bible study for young women (which is what keeps me up til 11pm on a Sunday night). There are also the occasional women's events that I help organise, but my real role is to firstly be a support to my hubby in his ministry and to care for my girls.

As my family is my priority, and as a stay at home mum I make sure that I don't do "work" (whether that is Uni study, blogging or church related things) during the day. Although I do check facebook a little too often, I make sure that I do things with the kids like meeting up with friends for playdates, going to playgroup, going to the park etc.

I also try really hard to maintain friendships outside the church. Since being in Canberra, I have made some lovely friends both inside and outside the church. My friends that don't come to church know that I am a Christian and even though I am sure they think I am a bit odd, it hasn't hindered our friendship at all. They know that I won't Bible bash them but that they can come and chat to me about what I believe at any time. It has been exciting to see two of my friends come along to church this year and a couple of others asking me about why I believe.

So there you have it, a little more about my role as a Mummy and a Minister's wife. Of course I also throw in blogging and study but that might have to be the topic of another blog post.

Please feel free to ask any other burning questions about being a minister's wife :) 

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