Saturday, November 23, 2013

Keeping Little Ones Safe This Summer

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I recently wrote about about pool safety and small children following an incident that occurred with my three year old. At the time I was staying with my Dad who has a pool at his house and the incident occurred while we were all around the pool together. What I didn't say in the last post was, that even before I arrived at Dad's place I had been concerned about how safe my kids would be around the pool.

Way too often we hear stories about children drowning in back yard pools because they become curious and wander off on their own. These stories really scare me. I also have a very vivid imagination and I often go off into daydreams (or short visions) about terrible things that may happen to my kids, me or my hubby. Of course these things never actually eventuate but it does help me to take steps in advance to make sure we are all safe.

When I arrived at Dad's place for our holiday I was relieved to see that the pool was very well fenced. I even went to the fence myself and tried to imagine what my kids would have to do to get past the fence and realised it was very unlikely. The fence was secure.

My dream pool with EccoHardware fencing

These days fences are much, much safer then they were when I was a child. When I was young, our backyard pool was above ground and did have a fence (well, it was actually a gate on the deck). I don't remember having any trouble getting in and out of that fence. I think it would also have been pretty easy to bring a chair up to the edge of the pool and climb in.

It is the law now that pools are fenced but thankfully pool fences don't need to be ugly. EccoHardware, is a Sydney based company that builds beautiful glass fencing that complies with Australian standards so that you don't have to go through the crazy daydreams about what might happen to your child.  Their website is worth a look to drool over some gorgeous pools which are perfectly safe for adventurous little people.

Do you have crazy daydreams about scary things that may happen? Or is that just me?

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