Wednesday, November 27, 2013

A Week in the Life of a Mummy & a Minister’s Wife

I recently posted an insight into my life as the wife of a minister. Since that was a popular post I thought I would open the doors of my life a little more and give you an idea of what a regular week is like for me and my family.

I will start the week with Sunday (because that’s where all the action happens).

Sunday: The crazy starts early on Sundays. My hubby leaves at 8am to set up the church leaving me to get the three kids to church by 9am. I generally finish my cup of tea, then fight with the kids to get their hair brushed, teeth brushed, shoes on and into the car by 8.45am. If I don’t scream at the kids, it has been a good morning.

Church is fun but busy. I don’t generally get to sit and listen to a sermon at church as I am either serving on (or filling in for someone else) the children’s or crèche program. I love our church family and I especially love having a cup of tea with them after the service finishes.

The little girls have been grabbing a Bible lately and pretending to read it. Awwwww!

After church we often have people over for lunch or a meeting (or both). Late afternoons are mostly free but they are frequently meetings that occur at that time.

Dinner is rushed and hubby puts the kids to bed just in time for me to open the door to the girls in my Bible study group. As well as reading the Bible, the giggling and D&M’s go on well into the night.

Monday: Monday is hubby’s day off and this is the last year we will be able to spend it as a family without at least one child in school. We often visit parks or kid friendly attractions around Canberra or just relax at home and do errands.

Family time!

 Because hubby and I don’t hear sermons we take the time to get together on a Monday night and listen to a sermon together. We have listened to sermons from SMBC (where Tim studied) and we are currently going through a Mark Driscoll series on marriage called The Peasant Princess.

Tuesday:  After getting up early to go to the gym, I often spend Tuesdays at home with the kids. That way we can recover from the weekend and clean the house and it means hubby can take the car to work (we only have one car).

Tuesday nights hubby is out at his own Bible study so I take the time to study or write blog posts (depending on which is more pressing at the time).

Wednesday: Wednesday is our playgroup day. It is often stressful to get the kids there but once we arrive I really enjoy catching up with the other mums. I was initially invited by a friend but this year I have started to form my own friendships and just love meeting with these ladies each week.

Wednesday nights hubby is home but he frequently heads to the study to work. He may also be avoiding having to watch “The Bachelor” and “Wonderland”. I consider Wednesday my “night off”. It is basically the only night I watch TV and I generally have a glass of wine and watch rubbish TV.

Thursday: Thursday starts with the gym again. Thursdays are lovely because I only have Ali with my because the older girls go to preschool and childcare.  When Ali slept in the mornings I would do study, prepare for my Bible study or children’s program and whatever else I could fit in. Now I meet up with friends or do groceries and try to fit the other things in when she goes to sleep in the afternoon.

Thursdays with Ali

Thursday nights I meet up with two friends from church to catch up and pray together. Even though we are all exhausted by Thursday night, it is great. We share the hard things and the great things going on in our lives over a glass of red wine. Then we talk to God together.

Friday: Fridays I have two of my three and so we generally try to visit with friends and get ready for whatever is on the weekend.

Friday nights we are generally at home together but one of us usually has something pressing that needs to get done or there is something social on.

Saturday: We could sleep in and have a relaxing morning but recently we have been heading to the local park for the Parkrun. It is a 5km run that happens every week and hubby and I will take turns running it. I recently completed the run in 29 mins 25 seconds!

Yay! Under 30 minutes

We then rush home for a shower and head to a party, or a lunch, or a meeting or something else.

Having kids means Saturday nights are pretty relaxed for us. We may watch a movie or just hang out together. There is the occasional social event of course. Saturdays nights are also often used to get ready for church the next day.

Then it all starts again.....

Here's a random photo of my kitchen while I am giving you a peek into my life.

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